9 Best Cat Breeds for Apartment Living

9 Best Cat Breeds for Apartment Living

9 Best Cat Breeds for Apartment Living

As long as you do your part to provide enough attention, play and a rich environment, many cats can thrive in apartments or other small spaces. Some of the best apartment cat breeds are generally easy-going and adaptable. Cats with low to moderate energy levels tend to be happy in small living spaces, but if you keep active cats exercising, they will do well.

The following are 10 feline varieties that are reasonable for lofts and apartment suites. 

Breed Characteristics

For apartment life, look for a cat breed that is usually calm and friendly but does not demand attention too much. Avoid high-IQ cat breeds, because a small space may not provide enough mental stimulation to make them feel satisfied. Therefore, they may begin to engage in destructive behavior.

1.American Shorthair

The American shorthair cat is a purebred version of the domestic shorthair cat. It is an easygoing cat that likes to hang out with humans. As long as you are at home enough to meet their social needs, these cats can live well in the apartment. But they are also very good at using toys to entertain themselves and look out the window.


birman cat

The sweet and gentle Birman is an affectionate knee cat that doesn't need much space. These calm cats just want to stay where their favorite humans are, which makes their homes no problem.

They do have a naughty side, and especially like to chase with other pets. However, they don’t need much space to have fun

3.British Shorthair

The British shorthair is a highly versatile cat that can live happily in a small space. These calm, laid-back cats prefer to lounge rather than race about their surroundings. They do, however, exhibit spurts of energy and like interactive play that both mentally and physically challenges them. 

Food puzzles are a terrific way to keep them occupied in a tight space if they don't lead to overeating.


Burmese people are known for being nice and affectionate. To avoid becoming lonely, these social cats prefer frequent company from their people or other pets. 

They're also very athletic, so cat trees and other places where they can leap and jump are essential. However, the size of their habitat is unimportant as long as they receive continuous attention.


Exotics are essentially the Persian cat's shorthaired variant. These cats are peaceful and friendly, much like their long haired siblings, preferring a warm lap or velvety cushion to strenuous activity. They have a moderate amount of activity and will cheerfully expend energy with cat toys before returning to your lap.


Persians recognize the importance of leisure and relaxation. These calm and friendly felines are content to curl up on any available soft surface, particularly a lap. 

They don't like to climb or jump, so they're perfect for compact spaces. And, while they appreciate being in the presence of their loved ones, they are usually content to spend time alone.


The ragdoll cat is the epitome of a lap cat. It gets its name from the breed's proclivity to relax and go limp when held. Ragdolls have a moderate degree of energy and are adaptable to a variety of living settings. They're a little playful, but their favorite thing to do is follow their owners around the home.

8.Russian Blue

The Russian blue is affectionate but not clingy, preferring to spend some time alone in a sunny area during the day. These cats don't require a lot of space because they're calm and reserved with a modest amount of energy. They enjoy playing with cat toys, but you'll often find them perched on a high ledge, surveying their territory.

9.Scottish Fold

The welcoming and tranquil Scottish fold is adaptable to a variety of living conditions, including apartments. These peaceful cats enjoy participating in whatever their owners are doing, and one of their favorite pastimes is fetch. Food puzzles are great for their bright, inquisitive attitude, which is especially useful when you can't be with them at home.

Breeds to Avoid 

Some cat breeds are extremely energetic, and they may be bouncing off the walls of an apartment or other compact dwelling. The Abyssinian, Balinese, Bengal, Savannah, and Siberian are among them. These cats are always seeking for something to do and are always up for an adventure. They won't be happy or healthy if they can't find enough enrichment in your limited space.